Art Slant, Los Angeles

Added on by Christine Weir.

"This show of five artists dealing with highly detailed surfaces in a variety of mediums is worth the drive up the hill near the Getty.  The common element uniting these artist  is an almost compulsive attention to microscopic elements.  Each piece works at a distance, but the viewer who comes within inches of the work will be rewarded with exciting visual complexity.  Linda Arreola's paintings are rich with symbols and shapes. Richard Bruland works in traditional painting techniques to layer his amazing painting surfaces. Carlo Marcucci's work transcends the media he uses- pasta on acrylic boxes.   Gwen M. Samuels sews small film transparencies together to form her interesting work. Christine Weir draws intensely with graphite on paper affixed to panels."  - Dori Atlantis 10.17.2009