My work is primarily inspired by how we use and interpret our planet, chronicling the visible scars and manipulations of the earth as seen from above. Previously my work focused on environmental issues, geologic changes over time, and coinciding conspiracy theories, however; my more recent work takes new flight, delving into the interior life of the self. Inspired by physics, specifically fractals and chaos theory, I am interested in investigating the ubiquitousness of similarities and predetermination in the universe by exploring how it relates to emotions on the human level. Our environments, and our selves, find a delicate balance between chaos and order, a balance I seek to interpret through my graphite works of the natural world.

On a technical level, I add geometric elements as devices to balance the compositions and to play with the space, as well as tiny, detailed mark making. On a purely visual basis, I am looking to create texture and tactility that is most often found in paintings. By using a wide range of graphite pencils I am able to create a velvety, yet metallic surface on Arches hot pressed paper or clay panels.


I used to have an intense fear of flying, and although I still had to fly a lot, I hated the anxiety and discomfort that I faced when I traveled. After completing a fear of flying course I was able to look out of the window of the plane. I found it to be interesting both visually and intellectually and this led me to the use of Google Earth as a way to control the visual experience of flying and exploration. 


In 2006 I quit my job as an art appraiser at Bonhams and Butterfields Auctioneers to stay at home with my newborn son. The many years of viewing and handling a vast and diverse amount of artwork that cycled through the auction house transformed how I thought about creating. Feeling rejuvenated and inspired by motherhood, my long hiatus from drawing came to an end. Having been educated at Kutztown University of PA (BFA - Drawing) and Pratt Institute (MS Art History) I have been able to combine my love of both theory and practice in my daily work.


MS Art History, Pratt Institute, Brooklyn, NY 1996

BFA Fine Art, drawing concentration, Kutztown University, Kutztown, PA, 1991